Contact: Mars Rinaldi – Project Manager

ROCKFORD, IL., May 7- Family Counseling Services of Northern Illinois is pleased to announce two new members of its Board of Directors with the appointment of two accomplished individuals, Stacy Lidvall and Angela Schmidt. Their expertise and proven track records within the nonprofit arena will enhance the board’s strategic vision. As Family Counseling Services continues its trajectory of growth and dedication to its mission, the addition of Ms. Lidvall and Ms. Schmidt reflect FCS’ continued commitment to service in the Rockford/Northern Illinois communities.

Stacy Lidvall is a resident of Rockford, and has been an active community volunteer for nonprofit organizations for several years. Already an invaluable member of FCS’ events committee and co-chair of the Dancing with the Rockford Stars event, she has also served the community with the Margaret M. Rudolph Trust, the Amanda Reed Memorial, Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Rockford Catholic Schools, and Rockford Lutheran Schools. Her expertise in fundraising, event planning, and networking is a valuable asset to FCS and the community as a whole. Together with partner Gabriel Chappell, Stacy is an active parent of six children.

Angela Schmidt, PhD was a licensed psychologist for 20 years, with a strong background in counseling. A native of the Midwest, Angie is now a certified life coach, helping people and groups take control of their lives with her company, Potentialocity. Her areas of expertise are interconnected with the mission of FCS, with skills such as solution-focused therapy, domestic violence response, advocacy, and personal development among many other things. Angie has served on the Womanspace and Girls Scouts of Northern Illinois boards, as well as with NICNE and Transform Rockford. Angie and her partner Mike Delaney enjoy travel and camping together, and supporting family and friends.

Currently serving on the Family Counseling Services Board of Directors are Stan Goral, President; Jennifer Paterson, Vice President; Heather Riley, Secretary; Laurie Fester, Treasurer; Dawn Reints, Immediate Past President; and board members Rose Dusing, Mary Jo Hare, Becky Hopper, Mike Peyton, Sue Razbadouski, Brian Temperly, Zachary Townsend, Paul VonDriska and Marcia Williams.

The mission of Family Counseling Services is to foster stronger communities by providing individuals and families with accessible, professional counseling and mental health care that empowers them to thrive.
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