Our Services

Problems and obstacles are common for individuals and families. Our therapists specialize in helping people cope with common problems of daily living which may affect a person’s happiness and general well-being.

Many people try to solve these problems alone and get discouraged to see them recur or become worse. Seeing a therapist is not a sign of personal weakness, but an indication you are taking a positive step toward achieving personal growth and development.

Counseling Services

Family & Childrenβ€” Parent-child conflicts, communicating, motivating and disciplining children, disagreements between parents over child rearing practices, relationships and boundaries with adult children who have returned home.

Couplesβ€” Developing and maintaining positive communication and a healthy relationship, conflict resolution, infidelity, separation and threats of divorce.

School & Educationβ€” Truancy, behavior problems, academic failure, bullying, difficulty making friends.

Divorceβ€” Communicating and co-parenting effectively with an ex-spouse and children, life being single again, the single-parent family, managing your feelings of loss.

Mental/Emotional Healthβ€” Resolve or manage issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD that can interfere with relationships and functioning in all areas of your life.

Re-marriage & β€œBlended” Familiesβ€” Conflicts among stepchildren and stepparents, adjustment difficulties among stepchildren, problems with favoritism.

Older Adults & Familiesβ€” Understanding the aging process, managing the stresses of helping elderly parents while parenting your own children, communication problems among the generations.

Personal Developmentβ€” Functioning at home or on the job, developing a positive self image, resolving and healing from past issues.

Interpersonal Relationshipsβ€” Resolving relationship difficulties with family, friends or at work, reducing stress with others, reducing personality conflicts, increasing healthy relationships.

Job & Careerβ€” Conflict or stress with employer or coworkers, job satisfaction, job performance, absenteeism, unemployment.

Anger Managementβ€” Learning the skills to express anger in non-violent ways, resolving conflicts without becoming abusive, focusing on attitude and belief change